AI_SDB_SphereClipper Class Reference
[Spatial Database]

#include <AI_SDB_SphereClipper.h>

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Detailed Description

Encapsulates the clipping region and flags of a AI_Sphere, with handling of 'active clipping AI_Plane' flags.

This class is similar to the AI_SDB_FrustumClipper class but represents a clipping AI_Sphere. It determines if an object is totally outside the clipping AI_Sphere. Also, the active_flag of the return value will be 0 if an object is totally inside the AI_Sphere; typically you can use this for hierarchical objects to avoid doing cull checks on the children.

Public Member Functions

 AI_SDB_SphereClipper ()
 AI_SDB_SphereClipper (const AI_SDB_SphereClipper &copyme)
 AI_SDB_SphereClipper (const AI_Vector3 &center, float radius)
 AI_SDB_SphereClipper (const AI_Sphere &clipsphere)
AI_SDB_VisitorFlags TestBBox (const AI_BBox &boxtest, AI_SDB_VisitorFlags in)
AI_SDB_VisitorFlags TestSphere (const AI_Sphere &spheretest, AI_SDB_VisitorFlags in)
AI_SDB_VisitorFlags TestPoint (const AI_Vector3 &pointtest, AI_SDB_VisitorFlags in)

Protected Attributes

AI_Sphere m_sphere

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AI_SDB_SphereClipper::AI_SDB_SphereClipper (  )  [inline]

AI_SDB_SphereClipper::AI_SDB_SphereClipper ( const AI_SDB_SphereClipper copyme  )  [inline]

AI_SDB_SphereClipper::AI_SDB_SphereClipper ( const AI_Vector3 center,
float  radius 
) [inline]

AI_SDB_SphereClipper::AI_SDB_SphereClipper ( const AI_Sphere clipsphere  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

AI_SDB_VisitorFlags AI_SDB_SphereClipper::TestBBox ( const AI_BBox boxtest,
AI_SDB_VisitorFlags  in 
) [inline]

AI_SDB_VisitorFlags AI_SDB_SphereClipper::TestSphere ( const AI_Sphere spheretest,
AI_SDB_VisitorFlags  in 
) [inline]

AI_SDB_VisitorFlags AI_SDB_SphereClipper::TestPoint ( const AI_Vector3 pointtest,
AI_SDB_VisitorFlags  in 
) [inline]

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