AI_Actor::StateMachineSession Class Reference

#include <AI_Actor.h>

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Detailed Description

Actor's state machine session.

Public Member Functions

 StateMachineSession ()
void setActor (AI_Actor *ptr_actor)
void setHeardEnemy (AI_Actor *ptr_actor)
AI_ActorgetActor (void)
AI_ActorgetHeardEnemy (void)
void setTimePlan (const float f_time)
const float getTimePlan (void)
void resetTime (void)
void addTime (const float f_time)
const float getTime (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::StateMachineSession (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::setActor ( AI_Actor ptr_actor  )  [inline]

void AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::setHeardEnemy ( AI_Actor ptr_actor  )  [inline]

AI_Actor * AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::getActor ( void   )  [inline]

AI_Actor * AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::getHeardEnemy ( void   )  [inline]

void AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::setTimePlan ( const float  f_time  )  [inline]

const float AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::getTimePlan ( void   )  [inline]

void AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::resetTime ( void   )  [inline]

void AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::addTime ( const float  f_time  )  [inline]

const float AI_Actor::StateMachineSession::getTime ( void   )  [inline]

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