AI_NavigationMesh::Informator Class Reference

#include <AI_NavigationMesh.h>

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Detailed Description

Provide heuristic to A* algorithm for navigation mesh purposes.

Public Member Functions

void setNavigationMesh (AI_NavigationMesh *ptr_navmesh)
 Set navigation mesh.
virtual float getHeuristic (AI_AStar::Node *ptr_node1, AI_AStar::Node *ptr_node2)
 Get euclidian distance between two A* nodes.

Protected Attributes

 Connection of A* to navigatino mesh.

Member Function Documentation

void AI_NavigationMesh::Informator::setNavigationMesh ( AI_NavigationMesh ptr_navmesh  )  [inline]

Set navigation mesh.

float AI_NavigationMesh::Informator::getHeuristic ( AI_AStar::Node ptr_node1,
AI_AStar::Node ptr_node2 
) [inline, virtual]

Get euclidian distance between two A* nodes.

Implements AI_AStar::Informator.

Member Data Documentation

Connection of A* to navigatino mesh.

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