AI_SDB_FrustumClipper Class Reference
[Spatial Database]

#include <AI_SDB_FrustumClipper.h>

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Detailed Description

Encapsulates the clipping planes of a frustum, with handling of 'active clipping AI_Plane' flags.

This is just a simple frustum class, allowing you to construct a frustum and test object against it. Also included is the concept of 'active planes' for recursive object testing (i.e., octrees and quadtrees). When a given tree node is determine to be fully on the inside of a given AI_Plane, you know all the child objects will be fully inside that AI_Plane as well so there is no need to test any child objects against that AI_Plane. When there are no active planes, you know the object and all its children are fully inside the frustum and so can trivially add them all without doing any more clipping checks.

2.0 AI_SDB_FrustumClipper was ripped from The Nebula Device and renamed to AI_SDB_FrustumClipper and the debug visualisation was removed. Now it is possible to use the class inside and outside Nebula projects.

Public Member Functions

 AI_SDB_FrustumClipper ()
 AI_SDB_FrustumClipper (const AI_SDB_FrustumClipper &copyme)
 AI_SDB_FrustumClipper (AI_SDB_Camera &camera, const AI_Matrix44 &viewtransform)
 AI_SDB_FrustumClipper (const AI_Plane clipplanes[6])

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AI_SDB_FrustumClipper::AI_SDB_FrustumClipper (  )  [inline]

AI_SDB_FrustumClipper::AI_SDB_FrustumClipper ( const AI_SDB_FrustumClipper copyme  )  [inline]

AI_SDB_FrustumClipper::AI_SDB_FrustumClipper ( AI_SDB_Camera camera,
const AI_Matrix44 viewtransform 
) [inline]

AI_SDB_FrustumClipper::AI_SDB_FrustumClipper ( const AI_Plane  clipplanes[6]  )  [inline]

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