AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray Class Reference

#include <AI_SDB_GenArrayVisitors.h>

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AI_SDB_VisibleSphereVisitor AI_SDB_VisibilityVisitor

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Public Member Functions

 AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray (const AI_Sphere &viewsphere, VisibleElements &foundarray)
 ~AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray ()
void Reset ()
void Reset (const AI_Sphere &s)
 Reset any data and reposition the AI_Sphere.
void Visit (AI_SDB_SpatialElement *visitee)
 Test and possibly process an element.

Protected Member Functions

void ClearArray ()

Protected Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray::AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray ( const AI_Sphere viewsphere,
VisibleElements foundarray 
) [inline]

AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray::~AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray::Reset (  )  [inline, virtual]

Reset any state use during a visibility sweep. If you use a visitor multiple times, reset it between each visibility collection

Reimplemented from AI_SDB_VisibleSphereVisitor.

void AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray::Reset ( const AI_Sphere viewsphere  )  [inline]

Reset any data and reposition the AI_Sphere.

Reimplemented from AI_SDB_VisibleSphereVisitor.

void AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray::Visit ( AI_SDB_SpatialElement visitee  )  [inline, virtual]

Test and possibly process an element.

Reimplemented from AI_SDB_VisibleSphereVisitor.

void AI_SDB_VisibleSphereGenArray::ClearArray (  )  [inline, protected]

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